Thursday, November 27, 2008

mumbai , india terrorist attack. nov27, 2008

Mumbai , India terrorist attack surprised the whole world, very coordinated, parang 1968 tet offensive

Pakistan's new president ' Zadari husband of killed Pak PM Bhutto is pro American , who give US a freehand in attacking Al Quida in the NWFP Northeast frontier provinces ( formerly Princely states of British India)
at present Al Quida and Taliban is on the retreat further to Pakistan, they have the make a wedge between Pakistan and India, and to divert attention to the war on terror in the NWFP area

1. wedge between India and Pakistan- Zadari is very friendly to India, he even calls for joint patrol and operation in their border, terrorist will benefit if Pakistan and India don't trust each other,

a friendly atmosphere between India and Pakistan will be the start of the fall of terrorism in the region

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Raghavendra K S said...

These kind of terrorist attacks worsens the situation between the two countries.. These should be condemned

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