Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years day buying lechon at la loma

this is the open pit, lutuan ng lechon
lechon being paraded in the streets to be char broiled, because its new years day most of the quality of lechon is down, either over cooked or under cooked, even the lechon sauce is not done right.

lolo tony at Laloma , the Lechon capital of manila, making his round to choose his lechon, this is his tradition of spending new year morning at laloma

lolo tony checking the lechon before wrapping.
this is renzo, posing with the lechon, he is from Sydney NSW and was shocked to see the numbers of lechon in a single street

picking lechon from different shops is a hard task, some are roasted darker than the other, but the ones who is light colored is not so appeticing

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