Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday the 13th. any time zone

the MMDA at the rear is extorting money from me, he wants me to pay the damages done by the volvo to the curb. they are very immaginative o getwhat they really want... coffee money.
I changed mode and scold they real hard........natakot sila at umalis
they are the night vultures who prey on misfortunes like road accidents. i felt bad malis sila agad at natakot, i want to meet them again and finish my sermonb to these low level govt employees to use thier entry level posiston to make money
this is my volvo, pinahiram ko to fetch thier relative from the airport, was driven by a drunk driver who lost control at the wheel, hit the curb at andrews ave, cor imelda, 2 tires blow up , airbags deployed. rear view mirror droped, steering wheel dis engaged...... volvo technology in safety.
for ten years i seldom use this car, it is still mint at 30,000 km
junked by a drunk person

this is the deloyed airbag of the volvo, deployed during impact at the curb .
the driver and the front passenger said that the accident was due to defective tires of the volvo, but after investigating it it resulted to blow out by reason of the tires hitng the curb at high speed. and it was because the drivers coordination is imaired because of high alcohol level in the blood
the airbag cost 12o,ooo driver side complete with steering wheel. the passenger side Airbag cost 49,500

his justin acessing the damage of the car

I had a sad experince last friday the 13th march 13, 2009, although in other time zone.
someone borrowed my Volvo to fetch someone at the airport, i just cannot say no to this perso because she is the care giver of my father who has stayed with our family for several decade with her whole family.

she called me up at 7pm and right away pumayag ako, na hindi ko lagi pinapahiram ang auto ko. at 10 pm she called again at sbi nya na putokan ng ng tire ang volvo along andrews ave, NAIA pasay city at kailangan ng tow truck

i got surprise i just thought na kung naputukan pwede naman i pa vucanize asap, but still i called p a tow truck company .

hindi ako mapalagay kasi ang driver ko ay unusuallu talkative that night, na hindi natural sa kanya, i have feeling na intoxicated sya, and at that time pinuntahan ko with justain and glen at 1100pm. at dun ko nakita ang volvo ko na 2 tie\res pala sumabog at sira ang drive train ng FWD, basag wind shield, both airbags deployed... with major body damage whole front of the car. chasis dis aligned, steering wheel retracted, rear view mirror detached as a volvo safty prcaution. in short lahat ng safety feature ng volvo are working properly..

when I approacehd my driver, i know he is very drunk ... i was very upset, i was furious, pero hindi ako nag pahalata.
in my earlier post i mention people who are drunk who are so disruptive.

when we reached wack wack whle we were manuvering the volvo in a tow truch that driver "pasuray suray" nya binuksan ang pinto ng toyota car na ganit ko at resulting na natangal ang pinto at di na nasasa ra..... over all i will be spendin 300,000 pesos for the repairs of both cars
lilia his sister in law promise me that she will pay " pampalubag loob amount of 20,000. which i know na pampalubag loob at sinabi nya sa kahihiyan.....

after a week nag kalimutan na...... alam ko naman na walang mangyayari... but the show must go on......that event will haunt thier whole family in thier lifetime, i as cause embarasment to the wife of my driver ...and her whole family

it is a classical uncontrolled alcoholism, addiction to alcohol.
people like this are..........being frown by the society in the world,

alang alang nalang sa parents ko......... just like in 1994 si flor mendoza who owes me 570,000.00, i sue her and her warrant of arrest is released....... i just told her na ipagdasal nya parents ko w\everyday in her life at recalll ko warrant of arrest.... ngayon after 7 strokes ng both of my parents, i still enjoy each day wit both of them....... dito ipa sa sa diyos ko... i know may paraan din ang diyos para kalabitin sila in his own way and time

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