Friday, June 12, 2009

openning of classes brings some memories in my Grade school days,

When I was in grade school at La Salle Taft in the 1960,s here are some fond, and funny incidents that I always tell my son and daughter, it makes them laugh always.

1. I was the only child then, My parents are so serious about my studies that my dad usually tutor me 530am to 6am even though he was very busy then as a city chief executive, he is very good in Math , which I hate so much, Social Studies is one I excelled and I enjoy most.

at school in grade 1-A my home room teacher was Mss Marylyn Jamias, my mother always go to school every time we have some events, from Christmas party, birthdays and some very important events in our school calendar, while my Grand Mother Lola Moheng stays with me with a car and driver whole day, just outside the gate, sometimes doing needle jobs.

they always interact with my teachers and some future teachers, if they know that I have some difficulties in one subject like Math in grade 2, they try to know the background of my math teacher. like Mrs Leuterio living at Porveneir street , Pasay City, my father surprised her family by cementing their street asap. when she found out she right away volunteered to be my tutor for the rest of the year for free.
when the news among the faculty circulated, another teacher with initial B.G approached my Grandmother requesting that their street be cemented, I did not know these was going on then later i found out she is trying her best to make me in her home room class as`a "pasasalamat ""for cementing her street.

there was a time a very strict teacher then with initial miss F, teaching in grade 5 was a victim of snatching along Taft avenue. again some teacher informed my grandmother about the incident, in 24 hours a police mobile car went to our grade school office and return my Miss F watch and bags including the money she claims lost inside her bag, this becomes a wildfire news in our school then

At school was so engross about drawings about Dinosaurs and pirate ships, tht even during class hours i kept on drawing this stuffs. and I remember I don't draw at the back of a sheet of paper
one time in Science class in grade one, we were discussing about seasons in the Philippines like wet and dry and the seasons in temperate countries like summer, winter, fall and authum when i was busy drawing a pirate ship, to my surprise i was called to to enumerate our seasons in the Philippines........ I was so at a lost because I was not listening then, I just thought i was ask to enumerate the kinds of scissors in the Philippines (not seasons) so I answered ..... "regular scissors and thinning scissors"which made all my classmates laugh at my teacher Miss Jamias smile at me.... I knew about scissors because I am close to my barber at Coronado barbershop and he always explain to me what kind of scissors he used.

On te other hand at La Salle Taft I am a conscientious honor student from grade three to seventh grade, we have the honors assembly, were are called to the stage every quarter, i always have green star (fist honor) sometimes purple star (second honor) Iam a member of the La Salle honor society

One time I was asked by my teacher to accompany my classmate Roberto Feliciano to the school clinic due to fever, as we walked own the staircase going to the clinic, several Junior Police accosted us nd ask why we were on our way down the building when classes is abot to start.. my answer is " i will imitate him in the clinic" thes made them all laugh. I got mixed up in using accompany and imitate, I was in grade 2 then

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