Monday, June 8, 2009

manila memorial park visit june 6 with nana an family

this is me with my father visiting Mommy's niche at manila memorial park, eto ay ginagawa namin every week since mommy was interned at this memorial park, naka suot kay Dad ang explorer hat na bigay ni Elena.

You can see in my face I really enjoy my private life here. several years back my life and my family is so public, I hate those times, of having too many people around you where ever you go, security convoys , and power play, defeating your enemies, fighting them , out maneuvering them, wearing mask of pseudo friendship, having true enemies and not so true friends, I really missed these private and quite moments with my family, If you can just scroll back my blog, from my childhood to midlife, with several years of interregnum. the line between my private and public life is obscure. now nothing is more satisfying than driving my father myself at the wheel and cooking for him his favorite foods.
I like this picture of elena and Daddy, here you could see the smile on the face of Daddy. pinapatawa sya ni Elena sa MMP, this humid Sunday afternoon, we had donuts, sandwiches, and cold drinks, Daddy doesnt want to drink , not even sip because,he might needa toilet later

Elena trying out the Boonie hat for Dad, it is called Bonnie hat because it was made and designed for tropical travel. boonie...... from the Americanized taglish Boondocks..... BUNDOk or mountains.. coined word from the Philippines during the Philippine American war at the turn of the 2oth century

Picture of Daddy with john, Elena, JC and JB near Mommy's niche at MMP

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