Saturday, June 13, 2009

sharon for mayor


Anonymous said...

mr claudio,

mabuhay ang kagaya mo.

i am a fan of your blog. i enjoy reading the story of you and your family's lives.

i find it very interesting for a public figure like you to write about very personal things. and this makes you a real and honest person, in my opinion.

keep up the good work and God bless always.

Rene Dominguez

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. It's so personal but you are really very transparent and open.. maybe because of your politician's blood. I still remember Malibay in 1965 or 1966. I did not live or grow up there but we had a small lot somewhere in an inside place where you have to get off from a street (I think C. Jose or M. Reyes)and walk farther up to the end where the Magallanes Village is now located (Magallanes was not there yet). There was vegetable farm there and there was this popular sari-sari store owner that the neighbors fondly called "bigote". On that street there was also a doctor (I forgot the name). I remember there was a big plaza nearby where people would gather especially during fiestas. We know one person who lives just across that plaza and he owns some "Caritelas" and his name is "Delfin". Your father was very popular at that time because of his thoughtfulness and caring attitude for the poor, sick people. I'm glad to know he is still living. I wonder how Malibay looks like now. I have not been there since 1966. Maybe I will visit it someday. Oh, I also remember Taylo St. where they said the former actor Robert Taylo lived. Well, more power to you and to your father..he was surely loved in Pasay.

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