Friday, July 17, 2009

In 2000 my father is being blackmailed by a malacanang official, asking for 2,000,000 so that the suspension order will nor be served

this is the former malacangang official who materminded the blackmailing of my father in 2000, at this photo he is running for congress in one of the cities of metro manila , he lost the election
I was informed by my sources at DILG that a suspension order is being readied and only need is a signature of 2 officials (name with held). the charge is about relocation of squatters at leveriza street.
At that time my father delegated to me some powers, and one one the is the survival of his administraton, like this classical case of extortsion in the highest level. I aquired a document rom my source and I saw in black and white the charge sheet and suspension order.

upon further investigation, i learned that the malacangang official with initial AA is in conivance with a DILG official who is also a husband to a very vocal senator. I dont know how to go around this kind of pressure from the palace, n which we have no connecton because our connection was with Lakas NUCD and the incumbent is LAMMP. my only link o the ERAP administration is with my friend nd chief of Police Alex Gutierez, an ex Manila finest in the time of Alfredo lim who is now the SILG (secretary of interior and local govenment), thru him I seek Seceretary Lim's advice , with a couple of meeting with the secretaary at Sofitel pool side, he adviced me to entrap the 2 malacanang official with 1,000,000 pesos.

In 24 hurs the marked money is in place and a team of personel loyal to sec Lim, I was really hesitant to push thru because the media repercussion that wll result of accusng the husband of a senator of extorton and having him arrested.

this did not materialized because April 12, 2000 , Malacanang annnounced the date of recall electio, and all threatof suspension ded a natural death.

Until today I wonder what if the entrapment as push thru

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