Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1960's in my life

this is the araneta colliseum, I had my first experience of medical emergency here in 1968 december, where we were watching Holiday on Ice, my father slip and broke his right foot, he was rushed to makati medical to have hs foot cast for 2 years

this is hiway 54 then in 1960's

this is pines hotel , in Baguio city, everytime my parents go to this city, we go there in a very large group. we rent a house that will serve as kitchen and sleeping rooms for some, and at least 5 bedrooms at Pines hotel, one time i even brought along 5 classmates of mine and slip them in the room , everyday the room boy and the management are fighting wnd arguing when we are there, this happen during lent retreat at the vice presidents house....

rizal theater- this is where i first saw a movie .... it is Batman movie
this is the streets then
and the famous VW, my father bought a 1200 cc white tinted vw in 1960's after loosing in 1971, to be incognito where ever he goes in the city

life was very new to me then in the 60's i remember taxi drivers in the street of manila using merceces benz pontoon cars aka 190D, some uses toyopet, corona sedans, most of the say cilia or mano means right turn and left turns...... now you only hear those spanish language in school.

In makati commercial center then , only mercury, shoemart, polex, rustams, automat caffee shop, sulo restaurant, coronado lanes and barbershop, makati supermarket, maranaw department store are there. EDSA is hiway 54 then. at the makati supermart, there use to ba a contest where in one could win a piper plane if you could guess how many candies fit in the plane.

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