Wednesday, May 21, 2008

diabetes- kidney failure, increase creatine

my mother has advance kidney diesease, so advance that she is bordering hemodislysis
i urged him to change her diet to strictly vegetarian
no meat, chicken and fish,
no eggs, cheese
after several months i notice a marked improvement in her.

there are several instances we brought my mother to the hospital, the erliest i remember is December 1979, at the Manila Sanitarium, i remember it was a christmas break and the soviet union was invading Afghanistan then, she was brought to the hospital because of chicken bones stuck in her throat, and she has to stay over night at the hospital.

In later years more often she was brought to Makati med, Asiam Hospital and San Juan de dios due to asthma, High blood pressure, and weakness.

I feel so bad when my mother is sick, she doent talk much, and breaths heavy. one that i cannot forget is in Asian Hospital, where she was rushed after eating plenty crabs, her bp is 210/ 200 and we were very tense at the emergency room them.
I dont think I can still stand the tension i bared during bringing them at ER

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