Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1999 april 445pm , city hall hemoraggic stroke

I was at a wake at sancuartio de san antonio, it was an uneventful afternoon, later all my communications system start ringing ang squelching, vhf radio, trunking radio, my 2 beepers, cellphone so with my staff and companions ... that my dad felt dizzy and was brought to san juan de dios hospital. right there and then i procced to the emergency room of SJDH at Roxas blvd.

at the emergency room i was surprise to see several scores of our staff, officemates and supporters are outside the entrance of the emergency room , as I entered the place all eyes are on me, there i saw my dad, with his white long sleeves barong lying in a cot, with so many doctors and nurses around, iam not used to see my father in that helpless state, he is awake but weak , he cannot speak and eyes moving as i wisper in his ears to say " dad be strong , i need you, dont leave me " he stares at me.
this was the biggest shock of my life,after he was brought at the ICU.

later at night after all the test and MRI he was brought to San Ramon medical ICU at the second floor. we were inform by Dr saulog that he will be operated in the morning to de congest the pressure in the brain, because the skull is enclose and the pressure will ltimately affect his respiration and will result to death.
that night is so terrible, we get another room at room 202 which will be our receiving room for our guest and staff, and another room besides it for my mother to rest. that night the entire lobby of the said hospital, drive ways was in disaaray. or staff and friends sleeps on the drive ways, and inner corridor of the hospital awaiting medical bulletins of my father.
I assigned 2 rookie PNP personel who doesnt know anyone, and i told him to keep the icu doors shut and not to let anyone in. because alot of kibutzes, spies, and " uzisero" are all over trying to get the latest info on the status of my father.

the next morning i was not there at the hospital, and a medical team of neuro surgeon , headed by Dr Isabela arrived to perform an emergency operation. it is a 2 step operation,
1. de compress the pressure, by openning the skull
2. insert a stent of fine wire tubing for the cerebro spinal fluid will flow from the brain to the body cavity

it is done in 2 days.

at the office at city hall, it was a friday, i have to show myself in confidence, in reality i do not know the real status of the health of my dad, everyone was watching how i react,

what i did is , right there and then, i ordered a re arragement of the offices, in which i floated a word that my father will be going to the office in a weeks time, i converted my office into his own area, with bed and bath, facilities, close to the public with day bed... but the truth is he is still in the OD

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