Thursday, May 22, 2008

great political come backs

he is responsible for allied defeat at karakale.. Winston Churchill is a below average student, his father Randolf has so much expectation in him, in the British military his father expected him to be a member of a cavalry regiment, a very prestigious regiment then, but instead his academic performance placed him in the dragoons.... this are infantry who rides to battle in horses but dismounts in battle, a cavalry rides and fight mounted on their horses....
king Simeon after 40 years an elected prime minister
from Elba to Helena
the greatest come back for me is Simeon II of Bulgaria, abdicated as king in 1950's and return to his country after the fall of Soviet Unions iron curtain and run for parliament.... after winning he was elected as Prime minister by parliament....
he is destine to rule and reign Bulgaria....

Napoleon Bonaparte, who was exiled at Elba after loosing the battle of Ligny, return to mainland France and was cheered by the soldiers who were sent to arrest him..
he return as emperor for 100 days......

Winston Churchill after losing in parliamentary election during Potsdam conference return 5 years after again as PM

i notice all political come backs are short term stay the second time around

in the Philippines we have also a great comeback ... jovito Salonga...
and another Jovito who is my father

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