Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i was talking with reporters here, they are asking for info abouth health bulletins regarding my father who had astrok 3 days past
I was giving some instructon to Macasiano, my chief of MACU mayors action an complaint uni, to implement curfews for minors at selected barangays, also to implement the removal of sign boards.
with barabgay chairman ting castillo, asking for referal for some barangay problems
me at the SK meting at sky Dragon restaurant, in which i ask the Barangay action center and IBCG to join the meetings
this is me reporting to my dad some info re some caes pending , recall, disqua and others

this is our staff assigned at our residence in malibay
a lunch meeting with out newly appointed chief of police col alex gutierez
this is what i see when i speak in front of a very large crowd
a view from my seat at the session hall

in the city council of our city in which i served, i really did my best, not to win elections,not to impress my audience in the gallery but to tell the great sacrifices i did to my fathers ears..... I feel so lucky to seat in my old fathers seat in 1959
life would have been much easier for me if i dont think about the name of my father,

during the commitee hearings, i moved that all commitee hearings should be open to the public, no more secret hearings, some of my collegeues are so mad about it...

the contracts of garbage and janitorials, security agencies- i was the only one who din extensive reserch about at and i did find flaws, to warrant my opposistion to it

i dont know who will be reading this blog but now it is only me, my dad and my god knows all the sacrife and hard work i did ,

in the pic above, is one of the nightly meetings....... 45 days everynight
iam generally a shy person but, when mt turn comes to speak...... well oh well
im like "the hulk".......

in my heart, riches comes last..... Iam just like my father,... iam not meant to make money, ...they come and go, what i do best is......public service, loving our city, the city that was loved and served by my father for 50 years

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