Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blogging is fun, para kang gumagawa ng Baby book

I just learn Blogging last May thru my Daughther Joanne, she set me up this layout a and teached me how to post pictures and captions. I find it very interesting, it also served as my diary and album rolled into one.
thru this i could sms my sister theresa in California to have an update to the daily routines of our parents.
I also make this as an explanations to my actions in the past, asto how and why? like some acts and ommisions we did, tha should not be admited before, now i can tell them freely, like our participation in MRT rails in edsa, the decission to fight against recall, the negotiations with the cout of appeals justices, the comelec fixers who took it as an oortunity to fry us in our fats. The coourt rdered medical exams at PGH, my loosing support for the post of cheif of police. who double cross who?

Dati ang pag gawa ng Baby book ng mga anak ko ay pinag uukilan ko ng Panahon, rfrom birth till present pinupuno ko pa yun, mga pictures at mga first plane ride and ipa pa.

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