Saturday, December 27, 2008

prayers for long life and health

above pix is auntie sining, m dads sister, both of the ate ina and ti sining were esponsible for my fathers education ,upto medical school, they are have stalls at Paco and later Pasay Market selling vegetables, ate sining died 2007
this is ate ina at 100 years old , march 22 2009 still sewing

this is Ate ina, " Catalina O Claudio, my dad sister she is 99 years old and very healthy, eats meat with out restrictions, put sugar in his drinks doubles the standard, has never been sick all her life, except fever and colds

she told us , her secret is prayers, she prays the rosary 20 times a day. she was tha one who paid for my fathers education to medical school, she is a publlic market vegetables vendor, never been married. she ade a lot of sacrifices for my father.

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