Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I read my parents news paper every morning lalo na ang horoscope

his is my routine every morning, i ck for them food, read news and discuss issues, horoscope, ive been doin his for the past 2 years rain or shine
before my dad ask for headlines in the papers, nw the first thing he ask s horoscope, sometimes dagdag ko info to make the horoscope very relevant to thier daily life hich makes them very happy

i was surprise this morning when i showed a philippine map t my daddy, he really knows the location of the provinces even the mindanao provinces, i gave him a quiz and he was able to locate 8 out of 8 provinces

when i was in grade school , my dad have a black board and teaches me every morning mathe and geography, now some photos here iam the one reading news and issues of the day for them. everyday for five years . after a rosar , news

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