Wednesday, December 24, 2008

dad and mom's private noche buena dinner

this is daddy just arrived from his daily 6pm mass daily mass, ate ina. in the pic

i feel blessed and very lucky because i still have my parents , that i could share my joys , i just enjoy the feeling that we could have jokes, stories to tell, news paper reporting. i just pray that God will give a several years more to do this status quo
it is like a life cycle, before in my childhood, my father reads me news and stories with blackboards, now it is the other way around, the only difference is now im using white board

this is pic of nsc, who is eating asado siopao, hinatian ko sya bec it is pork
eto ay christmas eve dinner sa malibay, i just drop by to see my dad and mom, thier noche buena was luk yuen lemon chicken and siopao , sweets and dads favorite " morcon"

every sunday is "lechon day for dad" maybe ill add a saturday it will be a " morcon day" dami niya kumain pag morcon

this photo is taken at DEc 24, 2008 7:00pm
the place is under renovation

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