Saturday, December 20, 2008

mexican coke, the best cocacola in the world because they use real can sugar, unlike all others who use corn sugar

I dont drnk water, I pefer coke or any other softdrinks or juice, drinking water for me is like poison i sip very very small portion of it. In Eurpe where soft drinks are so expensive I spend alot in bottled softdrinks later when I realized that i is costing a fortune, i use powdered juice with tap water like cool aide or tang, the most expensive soft drinks is in London it cost one pound sterling for one 500 cc bottle or 75 pesos, at Zyrich it 68 pesos equivalent,

In New Zealand it is not so expensive as in Europe, the price of Cole is proportinate to the price per capita of the nation, where the highe the average salary of a salaryman, the higher the price of coke

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