Monday, October 13, 2008

Both my parents are old and sick... i just hope thier sunset years will be longer.

at thier age ,a simple flu a fever or a cold could quickly deterirate into a full blown body weakening situation a matter of hours.

there are several instances my father was brought to the hospital for loosing consciousness in side the churc, sometimes loosing pulse and weak heart beat, upon reachin hospital he regains consciousness, as if nothing happens, it happens almost four times, and everytime it happens, im here at wack wack, knwing the news thru 2 way radio, cell phone and sms.

maybe i spend a lot of time with them now because i just cant tell and how they will say goodbye to me....sometimes in the morning my father is strong and happy, in the afternoon, he is lying at the emergency room..... thier present condition is just like a sword of democles....

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