Monday, October 6, 2008

old photos

my first trip to Baguio City, Ia wearing a dniel boone cricket hat

this is my 10th birthday celebration at manila polo club, i have a apollo 11 cake then, the pics shows my classmates from de la salle, the japanese is Kasai my seat mate, fr tobias, nor an arch bishop.

this is in 1968, my first trip to baguio, my dad, mom me and 15 other friends, security take fokker plane t loakan, while most take the road in several cars. they leave at 12 midnite arriving a 6am, they rent a house for our group could cook and eat, and sleep for 3 nights. we also get 4 rooms at pines hotel. i remember everytime we went ta baguio we usually travel 30 to 50 persons . that is why renting a house is cheaper, my dad use to travel with his staff, employess secrity and friends and family

one time we were guest of maceda and marichu maceda at sampaquita picture, we were in 3 buses just to have atour of sampaquita

this is a picture taken at orion, my parents and I with some friends and staff travel by ship to orion, while several cars motored ahea to pick us up at the pier, i remember on the way our photograper mr enalen was sitting a the front of my dads car a mercedes 280 SEL was hit by a projectile of unknown type, it happened at bataan pampanga area.

this pic are US peace corps who visited us in our residence, in the photo is my dad, mom and monsingo avendano our parsh priest

this is mommy's birth day celebration with daddy and some friends,

this is nemesio Yabut, pic taken at our house , my father supported him in his candidacy for the posistion of congressman of the first district of rizal, vs neptali gnzales of liberal and yamael, we thoght that its a close fight between yabut and ismael but instead it is a gonzales vs ismael, with yabut on the third slot, after 2 years yabut run and won as mayor of makati

a picture of my mom in one of her social affairs as first lady of pasay

pic of imelda marcos, my dad and yabut at the meting de avance at burgos

my mother assisted by dual calixto in a cutting of the ribbon of a health center

my dad a marcos friend and supporter unti martial law, this pic in malacanag music room, both of them are nationalista...... thier relationship soured when my dad move closer to fernando lopez camp staring 1970, because of the support the vice president gave our parish church and his wife mariquit lopez, a usual visitor in our house then

a pic of me and my dad in one of our outings to palawan... to visit culion leper colony. whenever we travel then, locally, we were usually accompanied by so many people, 4 security people, friends, staff, supporters and friends of them.... we have outings regularly sometimes 5 buses to hundred island, 150 peole to palawan.
to nearby provinces, it was so many fun joy and laughter.......... jokes and prizes

this is a 1969 picture of my dad and peewee trinidad, in 1971 he appointed peewee to his his general campaign manager , in his mayoral election vs returning Pablo Cuneta
my dad lost in his re election bid by 128 votes

this is a picture of our trip to mindoro provice, in a PT boat with some friendsm staff and employess of my dad, it was a rough and windy day, that we later decided to change course and go to mariveles instead.
at the bottom photo, are tommy cruz, alvin care taker of jprizal elem, manding cruz, freddies dad, paquito villa, pasay city chief of police

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AASLT said...

Hello Jie. I was just examining the Mindoro trip picture in a PT boat. To the right of your Dad is me who else, Joey...only partially hidden though. Certainly brings back memories of that stormy day!

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