Monday, October 6, 2008

the only time i saw my father really fuming mad was at Naga City during penafrancia festival,

I 1969, we were guest by our family friend Judge Ampinochio of Naga City,we travelled there by PAL a YS 11 manufactured by nihon japan, a copy version of AVRO also with a Rolls Royce dart engine. my mom did not go with us it was supposed to be an overnighter, watch fluvial parade, we were fetch at the airport by the judge and his family, we were 10 in our group, may dad me, and 8 of his personal and security staff/ we were later billeted into a downtown hotel where just beside the river to which the fluvial parade will pass, after checking in we walk and toured Naga City. there wee so many people in tow to wath the festival. after 4 hours we return the the hotel, we rented 4 rooms for us, and when we open our room assigned to my dad, we saw a polo shirt hanging which we know isnt ours, and someone using the room when we are out.... so my dad right away go down to the front desk and complaint. he was really mad, until now i cant forget that day, in my almost have a decade life that is the only time i saw my father blew his temper in punblic and private life.

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