Sunday, October 5, 2008

my vespa 's first day was marked buy some electrical problems, i cannot use electric start and no horns.... these are the traits of italian scooters,

Italian scooters are temperementals, sometimes they are ok, sometimes they wont start, sometimes "may sumpong" unlike honda and other brands which are unquestioned reliability and economy. but these wasp will give you a very differnt feeling when riding one.

drivng a honda wave and a vespa is very different, the gears for the honda is on the left foot, while the vespa is on the left hand 1 n 2 3 4.... the honds is a rotary n1234....

I was able to use it by kickstarting it but no hord,

i was able to compare the fuel consumption of honda wave 125 and my Vitto LML 150
to my routine 25 km round trip:

honda wave 30.00 round trip
vitto LML 57.00 round trip

at 51 .00 pesos per liter pump price

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