Monday, October 13, 2008

my memories of Antonio "yeba" Villegas of Manila

In the late 1960's Atnio Villegas was an arch enemy of Ferdinand Marcos, sometimes he is blamed for the deterioration of manila because during those time most big business was based in Manila, the banks, finacial institution, forein offices and etc, but what is being singled out by Gatpuno Villegas is the 17 japanesecorporations all having its office in Manila, which are all supporters of Marcos from Marubeni, Yamoto, fuso, kendai soem are local office of zubatsu, Mayor villegas in finding fault in thier offices use all means in thier power to close them down, from non filing of taxes, no permit to cockroach in thier offfice, later all of the transfered to maximiano Estrellas Makati with low taxes, good phne line and no traffic, this political move was the start of exodus of business to makati.

Villegas becomes mayor at 40 years old, when Arsenio Lacson died in Shelborne Hotel,he has 200 patrol cars for police and has for himself a black patrol car which hw use to patrol the city every night. after he stay at a corner table of Filipinas hotel or Bayview hotel, which favor seekers go at night. he really wanted to run for president under liberal in 1969, but sergio osmena jr clinched the nomination, in 1971 in his re election at mayor of manila he run as independent vs Ramon Bagatsing as NP, he has defeated by the former congressman of manila, ironically nov 1, 1971 just a week before election there was a sensational hostage taking at Forbes park makati, it was highlighted in the news that the hostage incident is just a fence fro mayor Villgegas resindence, it reverbirated through out manila that the mayor of manila lives in makati... also contributed to his electoral defeat

i only met Mayor Villegas once in the Lobby of manila Hotel , its a sunday afternoon in 1969, i was in grade two, i was with my father and his group, we were suppose to have merienda at the coffee shop, in the lobby a 6'3" mayor villegas emerges with many security men surrounds him, when he approached us, he has a very big smile and my father jokingly said "pasyal muna kami sa territorio mo" the manila mayor said ur always welome here, "alis muna ako, ikaw muna mayor dito and with a victory sign he teased m and shouted Yeba!!!!!! and he carried me up .....

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