Saturday, October 4, 2008

A gurkha warrior dies for King Edward VII of England..........oija board experince

In 1991, we tried Oija board in room 214 at the House of Representative, located\at the 2nd floor, north wing
a spirit enters the board and say his name, that he was a gurkha from nepal, the warrior race or tribe recruited by the British army for thier gallantry and bravery, just like roman foreign legions.. he further\state that he died 1910 somewhaere in phergana valley.

we ask him how and who the king of englang was when he died..... he said he died of gunshot wound, and died ruring the reign of King edward VII...

later i researched it at the house lilbrary and there i fouond out the it was indeed King eduard the king of Englang then

this ia my personal experience with this sort of erie oija board

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