Tuesday, October 7, 2008

we have a special movie premier twice a month of never yet shown films at FAME theather

i remember we regularly have a sneak preview of soon to be released movies at Fame Theather at libertad, owned by Mr Albino co, brother of Pablo Cuneta's city administrator Antonio CO, sometime we watched sneak preview every two weeks, it is usually held at 12 mindite, after the last full show.
starting at 9pm most of our group start arriving at the movie house to watch the last full show and wait till screening time, my dad always enjoy the movies,
he was not present only once when we have a crisis re "the killing of Bayona"

here are some films we watched, ahead of more or less 10 days of the regular screening time>
1. Dracula vs mummy
2. james bond fils
3. green berret
4.the diabolic ,,
5. vietnam the longest war
6 and ....alot more films

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