Monday, October 6, 2008

people who accompany me and takes care of me when my parents are busy then

kuya louie, husband of ate linda, he is a aircraft afficionado, i use to buy scale mdel planes and i let him do it in his house, i like to talk to him re aircrafts, squadrns, he accompany me in PAF airshow, first flights of 747 northwest. when we go to outing to provinces he openly carried in public his grease gun M3. i enjoy talking with him, he is a well travelled and knows alot about world politics

he is a police luettenant, he use to drive a CJ jeep with 2 way radio, he is in charge of security of manila internatonal airport, he makes my father laugh and i know my dad enjoy his company as well, when ever a need ball,a toy, a pop car, a checerd marble, a robot, scuba tank, a donkey, a pigskin footblall, a morse code generator........ my dad called him to find one for me.... when i was in grade one, my dad wants to buy me a horse, i dont really like horses, but when i was there near a stable i did not even touched it, i just ask for a scuba tank for boys , which they were not able to find...... he is just like a genie of my dad,

he is very close to me, h accompany me to movies, restaurants, i watched war moview with him like battle for anzio, the green berrets, where eagle dares tora tora tora. during my birthdays he was tasked to coordinate with the magicians and etc. he was also the one who fetch me home when my dad needs me . i enjoy being with him then, my fathertrust him so much, he was tasked to form the security detail of my dad which is composed of col fred angeles ( studied at scotlandyard), maj ben vilacrusis , pablo canlas, the only sarhent in thier group, he later becomes a colonel and our chief of police.

mama odeng is my uncle who facinates me with stories to tell, aboout USA and travel. he was a pilipino piooneer in usa, has lived there since 1950,s whe ever he returns home in the philippines i always in the airport to see him. i was really facinated by his travel.

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