Monday, April 20, 2009

4th day at Room 720

this is dad being assited by her caregivers, dressing him up just to visit mommy at the hospital , when I was taking this photo i was touched, seeing this in the view finder, he is struggling to dress up just to boost the moral of mommy who will be undergoing grafting of blood vesel in preparaon to hemodialysis
day after tranfssion, no more pale looking face, due to the 500 ml hemoglobin packed rbc

mommy speaking with daddy over telephone, using speaker phone , this photograph clearly shows mommy ding extra effort to show daddy that she is ok, an that she feels find, not to worry, while daddy with his seech defect because of stroke always says " i love you i love you ... i love you"

mommys arms nawala ang manas na pero panay kulubot na, seen at this phoo is intravenous line

this is mommys feet, malaki nawala na mana here, it is soft now at she lost 1.7 kilos

she said she is A ok now, after 500 mililiters of type B +, alam ko she was tense last night kasi she was sleeping with other peoples blood in his room..

Good orning mommy! this is how mommy looks like the moment i open the hospital room this morning, she just finished eating breakfast,I was a bit late today. I ind her a little tense and nervous today because, she knows she will have a medical procedure today to open up her Atri venous access for dialysis. and at three o clock shewill be fetched at the room and sedated. I really pity her.

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