Saturday, April 25, 2009

with my twin sisters, all smile but with a crying heart for the loss of mommy whom we loved very much
since 2004, after mommy stroke, i read the new paper and horoscope daily , i made them real laugh, s ometimes i invent and add funny horoscope, shown here is my routine readng it at the Magalanes mortuary with mommy lita, and daddy very much interested, daddy shown here laughing out loud, while kuya resty...... smiling widely.....

this is ate ina, with my father i law, they have known eachother since 1980,s at this photo it sho that ate ina is very gracious old lady, she enjys talking with people at the wake

Bambi with te and nana, since 1979 they play and travel together as kids, had a reunion at mommys wake after several decade ,
In the 80,s when they were in high school the three of them always seet at the back of the van in our wekly outings to the provinces, this photo means alo to me

Kuya resty and I sharing some stories. at the wake, I enjoy talking with him, he s so knowlegable ...... just like me....... hehehe

w just opened the casket and removed the pearls of mommy dangng over her neck, shown here is Ramil and cid re arranging the flowers after

daddy giving some instruction in the wake........... he mention the flowers that are so nice given by bambi..... all imported from the highlands of Columbia and Holland.

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