Monday, April 13, 2009

sometimes i get very tired about worrying abot the health f my parents

since the stroke of 1999, an alot of emergency trip to the ER, the tensions the worries, the vigil at the intensive care units, the blood pressure surge, respiration rate 0f 15 -20, the pulse rate of 62 for nsc to 72 of joc, the 140 bp of joc means a warning sign, the sudden drop of blood glucose to 60 and below...... the surge of bp to 190/90 of nsc, the blod urea nitrogen and water retension of nsc,

I even have a columnar book which monitors thier bp, body temp hourly, the presicion thermometer gadget for the room with humidity, the d hudifiers, the ionic air cleaner

oxygen tank running out in the middle of the night. these are tensins that give me worries

when I was touring scandiavia i call malibay everyday or when signal is available during our cruise.

in the eastern and wester meditereanean cruise, sms and call o monitor my parents even 3 times a day.

when i was touring australia by land, from new south wales to vctoria to south australia on to western australia...... text and call was my routine

in new zealand from the north island to the south island i have to be informed of thi info.

sometime i felt so sad and so frightened about it, because i know anytime anyone of my parents will be gone soon

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