Sunday, April 19, 2009

mommy 3rd day at the hospital

as of 1045 pm mommy.sbp is 110/80 body temp36.4 c and pulse rate 64... no fever, ok pr and bp nya first time ko lang na kita na 110/80 sya she s to have 160 150 140 pag normal, siguro effect na ng transfusion
i instructed the people who are staying with mommy to be alert tonight for the raction of blod transfusion, fever, hypertension, hypotension, pati ako i will be staying up late receiving thier txt, yun mga panahon na ganito, i cannot sleep well855 pm april 19, 2009 - I received a txt from 720, that dra rosales anesthologist that tom april 20 3pm they will ftch mommy at 720, and 4pm will be administerd anesthesia by dr felix ( for grafting of AV acess )

as of 435pm i have a call from the hospital na mommy is having blood transfusion of type B positive 250 ml

I saw this at the lobby........... I just take this pic for no reason at all

Iwhile I was sleeping iI instructed he people who stayed with my other to record all things what happen in the night.... while I was sleeping, during day time, im always connected thru them bu pldt landline plus and cell phones

during meal time this is her dietary card, here at the hospital they serve her meat, in our house, meat for mommy is a no no ! even poultry.

this is mommys nss in which the iv lasix is administered

mommy blood extractio for blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Uric acid and sadium and pottasium.

I returned to the hospital aroun 11pm to chk mommy again, I just came fro malibay and quiapo, hee she s being served by Nida her lunch, as you can see she is very attentive here in this pic

I brought her two macdonalds ham pandesal which I remove the two pieces ham. her face is so fresh today and the "manas" in her face and body removed. she is so alive, alert and hindi antukin. in earlier pics she is so sleepy,may hindi mo na makausap

when i open the door at the room of nsc, ths is what i found early in the morning, mommy has ben xrayed at portable xray of kidney

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