Monday, April 20, 2009

waiting for surgery.

I just got a txt from room 720 that mommy has just been back in the room and is conscious and talkative, asking for food , gutom daw i can not sleep until she is not safe in the room Time is 1240am April 21,2009 mommy being wheeled by Or attendants to the OR, elena in red follows

This is one of my very sad and lonely shots tken today at the hospital, mommy on the way to the operating oom assisted and accompanied by OR uniformed staff. this Photo captures the long empty corridor.

her face is visibly worried about the procedure to be made tonight. alam ko na malungkot sya here, but I try my best to be natural and listen to the news at the TV, pretending I am ok.

Honestly, when i was taking this shot, my heart is crying,

mommy in OR gown

mommy being ask by OR staff some formalities

the OR staff arrived to wake up mommy, to get her bp and blood glucose it is 160/100 bp and 148 blood glucose level

here are the doctors of mommy as seen in the entrance of her door at room 720

thisis my sister elena telling funny stories about her UFO sightings at asumption antipolo . My sister smile and laughter at this time is so refreshing for me, I just cannot imagine how it is for me if elena is not there with me the day mommy ha his operation ...

sa ka ka antay ni mommy nakatlog na sya sa bed nya alam ko nerbiyos sya today .

room 720 looks like this while we are waiting for mommys sked at or for grafting of AV shunt, the room is so serious, buti nalang si elena dun to tell jokes and her funny experince

at 430pm this is how her arm lookks like after 3 days of IV lasix

this is mommy waiting for the OR attendant at 3pm, but the OR staff arived at 645pm
im beginning to feel sad and lonely reviewing pictures of my mother in the hospital room, awaiting her operation, but I just want to make and continue doing his blog of my life, the sad or happy moments.......

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