Saturday, April 4, 2009

justin new toy... dslr

this is justin taking my picture april 8, 2009 during our yearly bisita iglesia
I bought my son thi camera it is s DSLR, it is a modern 21st century camera in slr, my expertis stopped in the 135mmm film, it is now museum piece

i can see my self kay biboy, in my younger years.... jojie na jojie sya, dati i lik cameras ... cars and etc, ngayon it is my son... justin, si joanne is like her mom arlene very reserve, ayaw mag pa bili ng mga gusto nya, nahihiya pa. dati when she was 5 years old kasama ko sya sa baby lang, ako pa ang pilit sa kanya what to buy, si biboy, he insist whathe wants ... just like me

iook this poto of my son in a camera shop while shopping for Digital SLR nikon

he use to the the LSGH photographer just like me,

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