Wednesday, April 22, 2009

drop in blood pressure duing dialysis... panic tim for me

Mommy's legs , no more edema, the decision to have dialysis is not because of creatinine but by water retention and BUN
Arlene, mommy lit and Elena, nida and mila with mommy in PDF ( post dialysis fatigue) I was researching about PDF but after 10 pm mommy still did not wake up, panic sets in our family. this photo is around 4pm, i notice mommy always moving her legs and trying to wake up

This is one of the last photos of mommy alive at the hospital, it was taken around 4pm April 22, 2009.we are all waiting for her to regain consciousness, i noticed that her legs are always moving and she seems to move her head towards the voices she heard but with shut eyes, almost 3 times i thought she was looking at me and i wave and say " hi mommy" but it turns out she was still as sleep.
While i was taking this photo I cannot stand to see mommy in this state of health, i went home early and ahead of my mother in law and arlene. As of this very moment I am confident that we are just waring off the effects of benadryl and later on mommy will wake up and ask for food because her last meal was 7am mommy after arriving at the room from kidney center after drop in Blood pressure of 60/40 .
she never regained consciousness after being wheel in her room.
why was she brought back to the room not icu after some episode of decrease bp earlier

this is my sister elena and I at the 7th floor lobby of makati med, we are still waiting for mommy o be brought back to the room here, we are not aware here that in 10 hours mommy will succumb to dialysis complications...... our smiles here are for camera shot only, but deep in our hearts, worries for mommy,s sudden drop in bp

they said that this episode is regular to new patient in dialysis because thier blood i now clean and no more creatinine. yes I also read that, so is PDF post dialysis fatique

When Mommy was having adverse reaction at her second dialysis, i cannot stand in the dialysis room to see her so weak and unconscious, I proceeded at the next door "floating island Restaurant" and waiting or developments about the progress of her recovery, i ordered coffee and sandwiches but i cannot concentrate on what i was eating my mind is on the other room I return to the hospital at around 11 am, just to drop by and cheer up mommy at the dialysis center, as I ask permission at he Kidney center, i was inform that my mother is having a toxic incident, or a procedure is being done to her... when I enter the room i saw several doctors around her bed, in panic, the bed was head inclined down so that the blood to the head will flow, a lot of machines are connected, this is panic time for me

later i asked the doctor that mommy blood glucose dropped so is her bp

Last day of mommy
April 22, 2009 630 am

here she is holding copy of Philippine daily Inquirer before breakfast .
This is my mother 19 hours before her seizure, or 2 hours before 2nd dialysis

I brought with me a couple of Mac donalds hotcakes with me which she said she doesn't want hot cakes, but she likes sandwiches instead....... so i again go down to MacDonald's and buy several sandwiches for breakfast

when I arrived at the room, mommy s being routinely bp taken and body temp by the nurse

I arrived at the hospital at 515am April 22, to sign waiver for mommy dialysis today which was to start at 6am

this is the view of the new buiding of makati medical center

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I hipe you quit eating at McDonalds, I bet that type of food contributed to your Mothers decline. McDonalds food is poison to the body! Eat more fruits vegetables and grains! Drink more pure water, exercise and relax more. Save yourself now so your own children and family dont have to go through the same thing you did with your Mom.

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