Monday, April 27, 2009

my family is trying our best to be strong, days after internment

The death of mommy heals all wounds in our family, and makes our family stronger now

elena and bambi, they have been friends since they are in grade 2

This is Joanne, inspecting the mass card sent by President Gloria arroyo for dad

we had a small party, a very private moment which is also a despidida for my sister Elena flying to USA the next day

This is daddy arriving at wack wack for our private family get together, it starter 7pm

this is Mommy's chair at what we call "small room"this is where she sit in the afternoon, where the air con is much much cooler,
behind the chair is her oxygen tank, and her walking stick, in which dad always put it in her bed besides him every night

she has alot of dress 3 cabinets of fine dresses, but lately her attire is duster everyday

Mommy's dress. i could still smell her at this point

all our family and friends are at dads room to cheer him up .... our family is united again, but no more mommy

this is a pic of my sister te with Patricia, ram and jc

good thing ate dianne and tita magda is here, after prayers its news and horoscope time, this is what daddy enjoys most, he likes horoscope, today the Monday issue of inquirer is not yet delivered so i have to compose my own wit the intention of uplifting their humor....... almost every day i pray hard just to uplift their spirit and laugh, i feel so successful if i made daddy laugh hard, the like stories about Obama, Michele ( who dad say is not a good looking first lady), the united states wars. the new Orleans flood and etc

prayer time, for the past five years we pray after breakfast, I say I believe in god, Daddy says 3 our father, mommy says 6 hail Mary and ate ina say 6 hail Marys as well but in Filipino.... then part of our prayer is " lumakas po sana katawan ni daddy, mommy at ate ina" today i have a hard time editing this phrase.

This is how my dad looks day after interment of mommy, so sad, it really breaks my heart,

As I approached dads room they open the door for me......... as usual, at this point for the past 5 years i forget all my problems and put a smile in my face and shout real hard these ....... " Hi Daddy Hi Mommy,Hi ate Ina.......Good morning "
Today i opted not to shout those words because it is quite hard for me to omit mommy name.

I take this photo as I approached our stairwell, this is the first day I will go up at my fathers house after Mommy's internment, it is a very lonely place,

from the view finder of my camera, here is what I see...........
I again started my 430am trip to the market to buy food for my parents and ate ina ( now also for ate dianne and Tita Magda) but no more real vegies , vege proteins for mommy. when I drop by Cherry supermarket near wack wack I have a very erie feeling seeing mommys favorite supermarket items:
toss green salad package, thousand island dressing, sun flowerseed, brrown rice, prk and beans, canned laing, canned corne kernels, slmon fillet, lapu lapu .......

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