Saturday, April 11, 2009

some judas in my life

i have a friend, an ex councilor f pasay who is a glib talker (mahusay magsalita) who lost in a previous election. so wala sya pauntahan , i made him a consultant of my father with a 15,000 per month salary, he got our trust and confidence, he was able to get all he wants from our administration from service car, 2 offices, and some salary for his small token staff, i made him my representative to some functions, even to PNP generals , , to usec and asec m I tasked him to entertain them in some entertainment spots in our city.
lately he wants to handle jueteng...... which silently agree, i told him na sa kanya nalang ang kita para maka bangon sya sa pag ka talo niya..... uni unti naka bawi sya

then recall election was announces by the president erap, after 3 days di na nag pakita sa akin lumipat na pala sa kalaban..

another one is initial MO, a very talented man who has experience in deep penetration and surveillance of telephone and cellphone communication. i gave him office, salary and title, and staff, which train some security men for my father.
later on i found out thru an enemy who turned a friend NOW that every time i meet with my lawyers re recall election, supreme court cases and court of appeals, when he is with me his always tape record my meetings and report it to my enemies for a fee

the following persons will not be named but all circumstances will be mentioned
i guess it is he right time to include this in my blog because its the time of "30 PCs of silver"
kiss of Judas,

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