Monday, April 27, 2009

internment day , nine days after makati medical rotine check up

daddy whisking holy water on the coffin of mommy assisted by my sister elena and my brother in law Ramil

every one caught by surprise when dad made is speech at he memorial park..... he said thanks to all.... and the she never fights and quarrels with mommy, and all differences will be settled in a day, and for he past 56 years, it will be only tonight that he will be alone in the room with out mommy,
many cried and feels his grief

my cousin jun from California giving a small talk during the private mass

Te giving some inspiring thoughts and thanks for everyone

dad viewing mommy in the coffin for the last time

Daddy with ate Tomeng garcia, 83 years old wife of his late friend PIlising Garcia is late jolly friend in his child hood. the over flowing support from old friends buffer our heartache with a smile, at the back is ate ina, my dads 100 year old sister, who until now doesn't want to sleep in his own room

all the way from nagcarlan Laguna, to symphatize with our Family, with tita lita

I caught this dads emotional pic, in my view finder

my heart breaks in this photo.... it says every thing about love and affection

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