Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my mother will e confined oday at the hospital to remove toxins in her body

daddy and ate ina appears worried about mommy hospialization, my heart breaks everytime na mag kaka hiwalay sila kahit a couple of days lang
these are some of moms health support 2 tanks of 20 lbs oxygen . # 3- #5 settings
each tank last 8 to 10 hour

this is my mommy, waiting for the call from makati medical for room vacancy, i think she will undergo hemodialysis very soon, na awa na ako sa kanya talaga

with her body buldging with fluids, so with her lungs, her lower extremities veins and arteries are cloged with artheroclerosis.
she always catches her breath because the hemoglobin level in her blood is so low
high lood urea nitrogen
high ric acid hig creatinien
next stop is dialysis

i know the end game is near....... i hope god will give me strength, what I fear is my father will feel so sad pag wala na si mommy

this is the exact txt i received from elena, my sister:sbi cayco, mas better na ma iv si mom para malinis toxin sa body nya. nid din ck uric acid, taas uric acid $.% na. nid confine hospital to get rid of toxic......

* in 2004 july, when my mother was confined at asian hospital ICU, then MMC icu again, I just ask God for at leat one year for mommy, , until now she is with me..........

* in 2007 sabay na na confined si mommy and dad , my dad sa san juan de dios at mommy sa makati medical center due to pnumonia....... it was same time of the year April 19 lola mohengs birthday, mommy.s mother

*april15, 2009 438pm- nsc, nida, elena to MMC to be confined
it is not an emergency trip to the ER but sometimes nag re react ang medications sa kanya at nahihibang... san hindi naman
sana, matangal ang mga toxins sa hospital stay nya short of dialysis
* april 15, 2009 517pm _ MMC admission called up and said the room is not yet available, standby pa sila sa malibay .........

* my grandmother lola moheng died at 74, my mother is 73 now going to 74 in May 27, our wedding anniversay

*april16, 2009 4m mommy is still at home waiting for go signal to go to the hospital for room vacancy.

I know in the comming days i will be task to boost the moral of my parents, my dad will be

so sad missing moomy while in the hospital, while mommy will be feeling the same way

as well.

I ask several people close to ou family to accompany my father and ate ina while mommy is

away at the hospital

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