Tuesday, May 12, 2009

blood test for my 100 year old ate ina and daddy

elevated uric acid and total cholesterol......
For several years we have concentrated our attention to mommy, from her stroke, diabetes, kidney problem and asthma, daddy and ate ina, are the healthy ones, now when mommy is gone, ill now focus for the total health of daddy and ate ina....... as of now they are very healthy as far as blood and stool exams are made,
daddy negative for occult blood, we suspect blood in feces lately, good it is negative

ate ina, my 100 years old aunt has her blood extraction at this photo, at first she is very hesitant... her only abnormality in her blood exams is uric acid and cholesterol, daddy had his comprehensive blood exams including SGPT and blood chemistry, which turns out all normal

here she is assisted and reassured by ate Dianne while a medical technologist extract blood

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