Thursday, May 14, 2009

i miss my mommy very much, lalo na pag dinner time

for the last five years of mommy, my life was centered on her, from the time i wake up till i close my eyes..... i always think about my mother, alam k kasi she is very weak, i maintain a log book of her bp, pulse rate and etc . when I arrived home at early afternoon, all my communications system are all tuned in to mom and dad, i live 15 km away but I use all sort of communication system, not only cellphones and land lines, i use trunking radio 800 MHz. sometimes nextel, i always wanted to be in touch with them,
before 2004, when Tanay don't have cellphone coverage, I even install satellite phone at tanay the sat antenna is installed at the roof and i can just call malibay at will.

sometimes i am very paranoid about the blood pressure, for my dad if it is 140/70 it means something to happen.

at night time, i usually call my mommy and talk anything, from pussy cat to food.

after her death, i often pray to god tat ill dream of her, but till now no trace of my mother even in my dream

I was informed by the people who witness the last moments of mommy saying to them.... " sabihin mo kay jojie,mamamatay na ako...."

Iam very thankful about always bringing my digital camera and my blog, it was not my plan to make a blog about my mother but somehow I did it and Iam glad na it is full of picture story....... in his last days which can make my teary eyes.

di ko alam na mamamatay si mommy, I just record events at Makati med for my blog, the medical drama starts at April 22, 11am

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