Sunday, May 10, 2009

MOTHER'S DAY 2009 MAY 10, 2009

Mommy's grave under construction may 10, granite covering
dad at 81, his head s still head up and looking very confident, he is wheel chair bound but his place in our family is still is the same , all our love and respect has not tarnished after his stroke, I have no other Boss in my life except my father. his word and opinion are still being followed by very one in our family and close friends...... sometimes there are people who respect him less lately, that irks and make me very mad.

one of my best shots for the day, a rear head shot of daddy looking at Mommy's grave, with special effects flash over noon time sun in a clear day...........

this is lumen, former city hall employee who is now our cook at malibay, who has known mommy's diet of vegetables. here arranging candles for mommy

daddy may 10, 2009 mothers day visiting mommy at manila memorial park.

ith ate Deanne, ti magda, baby lumen, biboy and others... daddy inspecting the construction of Mommy's Italian granite covering

daddy with his alalay disembarking from the car , lately I increased his caregivers, and alalays, I just want him to be happy with slot of people 24 hour per day, at night at least 7 people sleep in the big room, just ut side his bed room, and in the mornings, alot more.... at his room I dont want hm to be lonely n so alone, and with alot of people at his beck and call gives him a feeling of in control and authority.

mothers day turkey , Jenny O brand.... more delicious than butter ball, it has been flavored in its package, ust like turkey served at US restaurant.
I remember in one of my visit in SFO, once my plane arrived at SFO, there is an airport restaurant who served and open faced turkey sandwich with mash potato, and it taste like jenny O

this is the actual weather during mothers day in the Philippines, we have clear blue skies all around, a perfect day to be outdoors

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