Saturday, May 16, 2009

fiesta ng san juan nepomoceno 2009

( i do not have updated photos of fiesta 2009)

everyday of the year Iam present at my fathers house except when there are festivities like fiesta and his birthday
Today I went to malibay at 1:00 am because we will be preparing some food for a few guest who will drop by,we have morcon, pancit, menudo , lumpia shanghai and Mang tomas lechon courtesy of tita magda and ate Deanne.

I was very sleepy at 5am and I sleep besides daddy, she was surprise o see me that early i saw his eyes shocked he thought I was mommy besides him .....

If mommy is still alive today during fiesta and other festivities, she will be enjoying fiesta food, and later at the end of the day a high blood glucose, hypertension will be the result......

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