Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tanay Farm picnic may 6, 2006 ...... Daddy should have been here but he changed his mind...

This is the main tanay kitchen, it is a wood fired kitchen for bar b que and kettle cooking. we use charcoal for grill and wood chips for kettles, we have more or less 120 sacks of charcoal on stock
tita magda preparing the mangoes for everybody while everybody is waiting for their turn to try, at the foreground is ate Deanne holding a piece of mango dipping it in Bagoong

daddy tony, assisted by security guard roy, after walking the entire length of the driveway

tita lita , kuya hermies wife, arlene and may. this is the first time arlene and may saw each other after 2 years.

arlene, entertaining friends inside the kitchen at tanay

everyone should use their bare hands to eat, no plates just banana leaves, i felt so sad we should have slept here tonight and put off all lights so that i could take out my gas lamps, and transformed the place into a 1940's place

daddy tony eating the worlds best inihaw na baboy, char broiled in mango charcoal

the the photo is lumen my cook, nene sebastian, my mommy.s super alaly who is now assigned for my father day duty, after mommy die, tita magda, gaying buenavetura, a former pasay city hall employee who i ask to stay at malibay during the night , kuya hermie, my cousin, who is a close confidant of my father , mr edwin lacap, ysmael friend who is a Nazarene devotee jusst like me and jun claudio son of mama odeng, dads lawyer brother based in Los angeles, he is a former US air force an US post personel

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