Monday, September 29, 2008

Asian hospital

This hospital is 15 kilometres away from our house is a modern design hospital, it has air pressure air con / system in which all flow of ventilation was supposed to go one way, it is really a boutique hospital, with a lobby very similar to a DE luxe hotel lobby. there is a grand piano, designer coffee houses, and fine foods. how ever during my mother's stay at this hospital, we were not able to enjoy its facilities due to tensions and medical drama we experience here.

this is Asian hospital. in 2004 i almost lost my mother at this hospital.
this is one of the most modern hospital in the Philippines, while my mother s in the emergency room, i stayed at the chapel alone, i prayed the rosary 5x.
it was a close call to my mother. I was expecting the worst or probably the end for her, she was brought to ICU for 2 weeks and then to a room. every time my mother is sick she is so silent, not talking to anyone just blank staring, it makes my heart cry.
If only I could trade up with my parents some strength from my body and a few more years from my life i really would.

after 3 weeks, she was released from the hospital but his condition was still very weak, after 2 days in the house, she was brought again to Makati medical center for confinement after 2 days, another shock of my life, her urine output was decreasing and her bp is 50 / 40 , and her blood is not being filtered by her kidney, with creatinine levels, quite alarming.

at the ICU, my heart breaks to see my mother again in a very sad condition.
during these days i was about to end my novena to st Philomena, during the last day of the novena, as i was travelling to quiapo church, i received a call from my sister Theresa that mommy will be released and be home at the end of the day.

that was a great relief for me...

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