Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ive been bringing my kids to school for the past 25 years , but I never get tired.

For me bringing kids to school is a parents job for thier children, my parents did that for me before, and Iam still doing it for my children til today.
When I was in nursery in Collegio de sta rosa, Kinder at Don Bosco , Grade schol at La Salle Taft, and high school at La salle greenhills my father bring me to school everyday. His work and resposibility, schedules and appointment will not be in conflict in bringing me to school everyday.

Today, Joanne and Justin are both collega graduates but every afternoon, i regularly fetch justi st UST, Iam just continuing our family tradition of fathering.

two years ago, when justin started to drive to school, felt sad that i will not have a chance to bring him to school, how ever i still find a way of bringing him to school even though he is driving already to school.

I just accompany him in his car , by following him or me at the lead in my motorcycles........ it was really funny, and when his classmates saw us with that set up, i know they have smiles in thier faces as well as in thier heart

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