Sunday, September 28, 2008

my camera collection

this is my Nokon F70 a mid range SLR for me this is for general photoshoot and for travel, it is tried and tested, i like it because it has a small built in flash unit good for 15 feet. personally it really depends on the lenses, but this F70 body is versatile for me

this is my sekonic flash meter, i bought at at Manny Ang's Well Photo at magallanes .
it is not I dont trust leica meters but using sekonic meter you could make some dramatic shots , using 5 degree spot metering, you will be shock about its result, useful when using in ambient light indoors, inside old churches, using black and whites....... its just too bad all my cameras are 35 mm film format, im just learning how to use a digital camera now....... easier to post in blog

this is my crown jewel in my lieca line, it is the noctilux 1.0 f / stop, it is one of the most sought after lenses of the M series. it is for low light situations, just like ansel adams the photograper of the Kennedy family.
"there is a story about leica users" told by ansel adams himself when he showed up at the white house to shoot jfk and jackie, the President is used to photograpers carrying boxes of photo equipment, but when he saw ansel adams with an M3 in his neck, he ask where are your equiptment ? jfk asked, ansel adams say it is in my neck.

here are some of my Leica lenses, some i bought at Island Photo in Makati, some in Zurich Switzerland and a few witha friend who is the president of Leica club of the Philippines.
my favorite is a silver 2nd hand 2.8 f stop elmarit it is so handy fo m6

" i remember when Joanne and I was walking in Zermatt, a resort twn in switzerland when a few german tourist spot my fully loaded Leica M6 with motor drive and all the attachments, they are surprised and we made it a topic of conversation with fellow enthusiast away from home".

this is me with arlene in switzerland, in my neck hangs my Nikon F100 and Leica M6 with 24mm 2.8 (travel format)ttl (through the lens metering system) with motor drive, and in my pocket is a quick shoting leica minilux
" I call myself, a very seroius ammatuer photograhper"

sometimes i get paid my some publications to shoot, but when they saw what system I am using they say they cannot afford my service, but honestly i did earned 500 pesos for all my investment in cameras when i shoot Rizal farms in Antipolo

this is the nikon f100 slr, i add this to my collection to supplement the F5 which is very heavy, F100 are just like F5 but is much lighter and aluminum body, i brought this F100 to my travel in Switzerland, which i thought it is good for travel but it is very heavy still
this is my all manual nikon FM2, needle meter which i find it accurate enough, shutter and apperture are all manual

i bought this leica minilux in zurich switzerland , in 1996 it has beed awarded the european camera of the year in 19997, 1998 and 1999. never has been a camera was been awarded three consecutive years and just after its lauched. this camera initiated me to be a Leica user

this is my first SLR camera which i bought in Hk , 1979, it has a 2.8 f/stop it is apperture priority

The US space shuttle inspired me in buying this nikon F3, they say the space shutlle has back up system in every thing, except the astronaut camera which is F3, because of its reliability

I bought a 2nd hand F2 body and a brand new AS head at Columbiam I remember my friend Mr Manny Ang who introduced me to the F series of cameras, he is the owner of wells photo

this is my canon F1 which i bought from Mario Ibarra, a well know photography enthusiast that i met,
iam not really a conon person but this camera is rugeddized or what canon called parkerized used by combat photograpers in vietnam, mud, shock and almost waterproof

this is my top of the line camera, the very famous M6 TTL black body, i have the ff leica lenses as well the 50mm 1.4 and 1.2. 24mm 2.8, 100 mm 2.8, these lenses are very bright and thru f stops meaning the opening is what they say it is. the price of a single lens is much more expensive than the body of M6.
in our tour i have the best looking camera with all the bells and whistles of motordrive and leica flash,
Leicas are quality, but i dont trust the meteing so i still have a sekonik flash meter

this nikon F4 is what i used in european tour 1996 almost winter, its all electronics, very heavy, i found out that he metering of the F4 fails it the air temperature is at 5 degress celcius. that happened in Hamburg, Germany

this F5 is nikons slr top of the line , its too heavy for me i just used it in our photoclub outings for wells photo club and nayon photo

In hk i saw a KONICA 35mm range finder just like leica, it has the same lens mount but it has ttl metering
It is so sadto say tht al cameras that i had are all obsolute now, having a 135 mm is so awkward now

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areiz said...

I am a drop-dead film user. If you happen to still have with you your leica, please let me know if you are planning to sell it (body or lens) because I'd be a very happy buyer for it.

I am a rangefinder enthusiast for almost two (2) years now and I wanted to upgrade my stuffs to Leica. I currently have a still decent 1936 Summar lens.


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