Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ultimate test of leadership.....someone killed your enemy. this is a case study of 1968 an 1994 incidents.

" it is sad to say that at times we have to take care of the killers family for 20 years"

"sometimes there are request that borders blackmailing us for ordering the killing"

In 1968, we are awaken by a gruesome murder of Vicente Bayona, a long time supporter of my father, he was shot 6 times in a restaurant by Florencio ordiales, a cousin of mine. This event affects the our daily life then.

It all begun after our victory in 1968, many people are jockeying for posistions , alot of people are not accomodated due to limited slot in cityhall or they are not qualified to the post they want. Bayona, a Basque mestizo and very vocal, often mock and curse my father in the streets while his car is passing, onetime even thrown a beer bottle in his car. Florencio , a relative who is one of the early security of civilians guarding my father was humiliated for the acts done by Boyona.
until one time, when they drive my father home, florencio sneaked out of our house to look for Bayona, he was able to locate him at NADS restaurant at Libertad. after a heated exchange of word, florencios carbine 30.06 load was emptied into the torso of bayona

after the killing, efforts were made to talk florencio to surrender to authorities
which he did, and was tried and sentenced at first to death, then reduced to life and later on to 12 years, now he is free and now working as a airport security in one of the US gateway airports.

Another is a case of Rene de la Cruz, also known as rene uwak, a close friend and supporter of us. On a sunday afternoon, near his house during a majong session with 7 others had a heated arguments with one of the players and shoot him to death. this murder is a classical neigborhood fight, non political, but due to his closeness to our family, his act of killing should be dealt it in a very extra ordinary way.

In the 1968 event i was not around yet, I am a mere 7 years old, not as my fathers assistant I have the responsibility to make any damage control which might affect his political image.

upon learning of the killing, i right there and then inform my father, " that we have a problem, naka patay si waky" i just wispher it to his ear because he is in a middle of a conference in our house at that time. His reaction was that he catches my eyes and say "ikaw na bahala, let me know details later"

Upon hearing that, i immediately assembled a small team to get hold of wacky and get him of our area at once, the police are now having a dragnet and check points in several places to get hold of wacky, we decided to let wacky use the b mayor exit thru gate 3 maricaban and a rented van will be waiting for him there to transport to a far away NCR hospital not in our city, or not at PGH Manila. we decided it to be at polymedic. with in 3 hours wacky is bleeding with a stab wound in the shoulder and we just inform the doctor that it was an accident. then i gave him intruction to cool off, until i fiquire out what we are about to do.

In the 2 cases here, it is important that your man should not be apprehended with ou a sure get out of jail free card!
in florencio case, efforts should be made not only to make him surender but efforts to neutralize and pacify the police and family as well. In the wacky case, as in a metter of paper trails, his arrest, bail and freedom , transfef from PNP to fiscal was complied with , even the papers of his unlicesed firearm has been deat with to make it appear that the firearm was legal .

the bottom line here is the principle of negotiating in the posistion of stenghth, unlike the florencio case, which he has been apprehended his bargaining power has been very lmited/

In the macho scenario of local philippine politics, "di dapat mag himas ng rehas ang mga tao mo"

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