Sunday, September 28, 2008

things that i collect

I first started collecting coins in 1972, my father bought me some whole collections from a collectors, in La Salle is joined the numismatic club chaired by mr aquino, where every wednesday afternoon we have session sof barter, sales and auctions of coins, some i expand my colection by purchasing some in st peters candle shop

i satrted building plastic models in grade 2, i built ships of the US navy then . my first model was the USS yrk town, PT 109, uss coral sea, i collected models of some types like wisconsin class (missouri bb, iowa, new jersey and wisconsin) uss boxer, the essex class, uss long beach, uss enterprise the 3 foot long models, yamato, mushashi, akagi, the waterline series, my best friend joey cruz, also is in to bulding such models he went to the united states and joined the army
"i understand world history more because of this hobby

my stamp collection started while iam at La salle taft, i joined the "philathely club"

this is one of my rarest collecton, a walrus horn.... which is inscribed by a ship survivor in 1860 somewhere in the antartic, he put his ships name and some journals, i bought this from a friend who is also a camera buff in he 90's

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