Monday, September 29, 2008

my mothers creatinine

he result of creatinine is a little high , from 176 last year next test was 179.86, 172 then 185....last feb 2 was 199 and now it was 220 mg / dl of creatinine, if this is so high she has to have dialysis, well dialysis is crea level of 450 mg/dl it is still way below but im not taking any chances,

so starting tomorrow, we have to amend the diet of mommy to pasta pancit card diet, low in protein. proteins is taxing to her kidneys, carbohydrate seems ok because she is regularly taking insulin

sometimes I'm very frustrated in preparing food for my mother who has diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease, some critics always have some unsolicited advice that some food i prepare are not right.because it may increase uric acid if i prepare tofu or beans, yes i know but i think that is lesser evil. she has been in a no milk, no eggs, no meat diet and still some critics irk me who blames me ...... that my cooking is oily and wrong that i used agi ginisa......
it is easy to comment. it is really a famine or feast, one food type is good for one of her organ bu is not beneficial to others. like tofu and beans.

seeing her eat vegetables is a big step in the right direction, Iam sure if I did not convince her to be vegetarian her creatinie level might be several points higher.
today while I'm writing this blog I'm very upset to some who react about my method of cooking............

I did make research about this

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