Monday, September 29, 2008

some of my favorite things.....

sawarma or gyros with cheese and yougart sauce

fish bal with sauce are the best in the "kalya"

my favorite fries is swarzalder, next is mcdonalds

this is pugo eggs in orange batter deep fried, with vinegar

on my way home today i make a quiky snack with quial eggs diped in flour, it taste sooooo good, I really like street foods, dont care what they say i just love to eat them..... no pretensions.... but i like fish balls more, ill be posting next the best fish balls in manila, located at EDSA near LRT Shagrila mall.
before when I arrive home from city hall I walk 5 km per day and after i have a 20 peso snacks of fish balls diped in the hot spicy sauce, after i walk to the nearest 711 to beat the spicy taste with as cocacola lite

in 1970's after playing basketball at malibay plaza everyafternoon, i use to try all the street ffods there namely
1. scramble - ice shavings of strawberry syrup, a real heat beater
2. bola bola - fish balls the best and original, lately they have squidballs for the "higher class" but for us ordinary mortals we prefer the old recipe formulae.
3. BBQ pugo - near malibay plaza there use to ba a stall pwned by patrick chen, who marinates pugo and chicken bar b que almost perfectly,
4. WALASTIK- are hashed meats of the local abatoirs which are stewed in thck broth
5. Gising Gising are chopseuy type vegetables with more than enough chilies to bite .

these are some of the things i get used to , in my hih school days when my classmates and friends regulary sleep in our house ( bec i was not allowed to sleep anywhere except home, i can just invite as many classmates and friends to sleep in our house even for several days)

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