Sunday, September 21, 2008

24/7 communications all weather- My reliable 2 way radios since 1968-2008

motorola model 888 contel
my facination with 2 way radio communication is really something, my first imersion with it is my kinder days, where I saw my father also using 2 way radio in his work.
in highschool I started using CB radio,s the GE model G with K-40 antenna, i had one installed in my car and in my room, another CB radio, "president grant"
During those times, Arlene's family is also into Cb radio, but thier set is is way very strong, a moon raker 6 directional antenne, and a Midland ssb CB radio.
I joined several rdio communications group, Stars INC, and i set up my own group of friends in our area as well

In college at UST, I graduated in CB radio and bought my self my first FM radio. synthesis an AOR( authority on Radio) with rubber duck antenna, my aim is to reach malibay to UST, I experimented in external antenna from 5/8's to full swing, to mobile base set up by ICOM 225A, Icom 223, Yaesu still full of splatters and hiss sound.

In 1992. I shifted to UHF low band, and slowly I had 56 radios portable, i convince my father to buy a repeater which he din and set it up at Bobby Domingo's Base five restaurant, that is the peak of the range and power of my set up with some of my staff, friends and family are just a ptt press away

in 1995 I tried smart net and later contel 800 mhz my range and coverage increasee to tanay to batangas ang pampanga......

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