Sunday, September 21, 2008

old manila international airport.

This is an old photograph of the old manila international airport,
in my childhood, the general security of MIA is under the resposibility of PASAY pOLICE, THE ONE IN CHARGED THERE WAS Lt. Magsakay, a jolly tall fat police officer very close to JOC, he used to have a large Eisienhowower jeep.

everytime we go out of the country , the VIP room at the airport is controlled by lt magsakay, not even a senator, a diplomat can enter it then with out his consent.

everytime i compare the level of maturity and proffesionalism of then and now, it seems those are the dark ages .

I also recall during that pre martila law days, it is just alright for securities or bodyguards of incumbents to carry long fire arm in public, in supermarkets, churches, airports, thompson submachine guns are openly carried , the many men you have with you the more safer. one time we were at a supermarket, there where 3 groups of bodyguards with long firearms, moe or less 25 men with thompsons, grease gun m3..... very few M16 then

today our society are more discreet with that gun touting ala al capone

ang dami ko alaala sa manila international airport, parang kaya ko pa isaguhit sa isipan ko yung airport dati, mula sa ramp, elevator, ung malaking globe sa second floor, at ramp down uli patungo sa kaisa isang gate. sa view deck dun ako pa umiihi sa harap ng eroplano , gustong gusto ko ang amoy ng aviation fuel noon, lalo na bag gabi.

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